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Are Programmers Smart?

By Stanley Udegbunam || Updated April 12th, 2022

Are programmers smart

A good programmer who is well grounded in his profession and knows how to tackle problems with self written code can be considered smart in the real world.

However, you don’t need to be highly intelligent, or have a high IQ, to get started in programming.

The fact that one is a programmer doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is smart.
We can group programmers into two categories.

The good programmers and the bad programmers.

Like good programmers, bad programmers also get the job done, which is the major reason why they are hired, but they don’t bring something special to the table.

They want to take shortcuts, some don’t want to learn new things, don’t want to dig deep.

Good programmers have great technical knowledge but can also take very difficult abstract ideas, or concepts, and find ways to solve them with available technologies.


  • A Positive Attitude
  • Supreme Communication Skills
  • Good Time and Task Management
  • Quick Learning Ability
  • Deep and Broad Technical Experience
  • A Good Team Player
  • Big-Picture Focus

We’ve come to a consensus that just like every other profession, not all programmers are smart.

The smart programmers are the ones that possess the attributes listed above.

However, you should note programmers eventually become smart through hard work, diligence and the keen persistence to improve on their analytics and their problem solving skills.

These they do while working actively and questioning the status quo.
This means you don’t really need to be overtly smart before getting started in programming.

That being said, how smart should one be before diving into programming?

Watch this video below for greater insights.

Everyone with a basic sense of algebra is smart enough to get started with progamming.

Unlike what’s is potrayed on the internet, programming is not hard, it’s no rocket science.

All you need is the right resources backed with the zeal to learn.
Hands-on learning consistency is also required to build confidence, remember; coding is a marathon not a sprint.

Final Thoughts

People don’t become genius overnight; smart programmers only became smart while actively learning and  solving problems with code; same is obtainable in every other profession.

If you are just getting started with programming, I recently published a guide about 13 proven ways to learn coding faster.
Not a shortcut but a guide to points you in the right direction inorder to save time.
You should consider checking that out.

Do have a nice day.

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