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13 Best Summer Side Hustles: Earn $4k/Mo.

best summer side hustles

As the temperature rises and the days grow longer, summer presents a unique opportunity to explore new side hustles and make the most of the season. 

In this article, we’ll explore 13 of the best summer side hustles that offer flexibility, fun, and potential for financial reward. 

From outdoor gigs to creative ventures, there’s something for everyone to explore this summer.

Let’s dive in!

1. Lifeguarding at Local Pools or Beaches

Lifeguarding is a classic summer side hustle that offers the opportunity to earn money while soaking up the sun. 

Local pools, beaches, and water parks often hire lifeguards during the summer months to ensure the safety of swimmers and beachgoers. 

Check with your local recreation department or aquatic center to find out about lifeguarding opportunities in your area. Certification may be required, but many places offer training courses for aspiring lifeguards.


2. Outdoor Event Staff

Summer is the season for outdoor events, festivals, and concerts, and event organizers often need extra staff to help with setup, ticketing, crowd control, and other tasks. 

Check online job boards like Indeed or Craigslist for temporary event staff positions in your area. Working at outdoor events can be a fun and social way to earn extra income while enjoying the summer festivities.


3. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Many pet owners travel during the summer months, creating a demand for pet sitters and dog walkers. 

Websites like Rover and connect pet owners with reliable individuals who can care for their pets while they’re away. 

Pet sitting and dog walking can be a rewarding summer side hustle for animal lovers.


4. Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

During the summer months, homeowners are often busy maintaining their lawns and gardens, creating a demand for lawn care and landscaping services. 

If you have a green thumb and enjoy working outdoors, offering lawn mowing, gardening, and landscaping services can be a lucrative summer side hustle. 

Websites like TaskRabbit and Thumbtack allow you to advertise your services and connect with clients in need of landscaping assistance.


5. Seasonal Retail or Hospitality Jobs

Many retail stores, restaurants, and hotels experience an uptick in business during the summer season, leading to a need for seasonal staff. 

If you’re interested in retail sales, food service, or hospitality, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to secure temporary summer jobs in these industries.  

Check job search websites like Indeed and Snagajob for seasonal job postings in your area.


6. Tutoring and Academic Support

With students out of school for the summer break, there’s a demand for tutoring and academic support services to help students stay sharp and prepare for the upcoming school year.

Whether you specialize in math, science, language arts, or test preparation, offering tutoring services can be a rewarding summer side hustle. Websites like Wyzant and connect tutors with students seeking academic support, offering flexible scheduling options and opportunities to earn extra income during the summer months.

7. Freelance Writing and Content Creation

Freelance writing and content creation offer flexible opportunities to earn income during the summer months. 

Websites like Upwork and Freelancer connect freelancers with clients seeking writing and content creation services, offering opportunities to work on projects ranging from blog posts and articles to website copy and social media content. 

Freelance writing allows you to work from anywhere with an internet connection, making it an ideal summer side hustle for writers and creatives

8. Online Teaching and Tutoring

Online teaching and tutoring platforms provide opportunities for educators and subject matter experts to share their knowledge and expertise with students worldwide. 

If you’re a certified teacher, language instructor, or expert in a specific field, consider exploring online teaching and tutoring as a rewarding summer side hustle.

Websites like VIPKid and Cambly connect educators with students seeking virtual instruction, offering flexible scheduling options and opportunities to earn income from the comfort of your own home. 

Online teaching and tutoring allow you to make a positive impact on students’ lives while earning extra income during the summer break.


9. Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistant services have become increasingly in demand as businesses and entrepreneurs seek remote support with administrative tasks. 

As a virtual assistant, you can offer services such as email management, calendar scheduling, social media management, and more to clients who need assistance with their day-to-day operations. 

Platforms like Fancy Hands and Time Etc connect virtual assistants with clients seeking remote support, offering flexible opportunities to work from home and earn extra income during the summer months. 

Virtual assistant services allow you to leverage your organizational and administrative skills while enjoying the freedom of remote work.


10. Photography and Videography Services

Summer is a popular time for outdoor events, weddings, and family gatherings, creating a demand for photography and videography services. 

If you have a passion for capturing special moments and a talent for photography or videography, offering your services as a freelance photographer or videographer can be a lucrative summer side hustle. 

Websites like Thumbtack and GigSalad connect photographers and videographers with clients seeking professional services for events and special occasions, offering opportunities to showcase your portfolio and earn income from your creative skills.


11. Tour Guide Services

Tour guide services offer a unique opportunity to explore your city or region while sharing your knowledge and passion with others. 

Websites like Viator and Airbnb Experiences allow individuals to create and promote their own guided tours, offering opportunities to showcase your expertise and earn income by leading tours for tourists and locals alike.


12. Event Planning and Coordination

Summer is a busy season for weddings, parties, and special events, creating a demand for event planning and coordination services. If you have a knack for organization and a talent for bringing people together, offering event planning and coordination services can be a lucrative summer side hustle. 

Popular brands like The Knot and WeddingWire connect event planners with clients seeking assistance with weddings and other special occasions, offering opportunities to showcase your creativity and earn income by helping clients plan and execute memorable events.


13. Vacation Rental Hosting

Summer is the peak season for travel, and many people are looking for vacation rentals as an alternative to traditional hotels. 

If you have a spare room, guesthouse, or property that you’re willing to rent out, hosting vacation rentals can be a lucrative summer side hustle. 

Websites like Airbnb and Vrbo allow homeowners to list their properties for short-term rentals, offering opportunities to earn income by hosting travelers and vacationers during the summer months. 

Vacation rental hosting allows you to leverage your property and hospitality skills to provide memorable experiences for guests while earning extra income.

Final Thoughts on Best Summer Side Hustles

The world of side hustles offers endless possibilities for individuals to earn extra income, pursue their passions, and make the most of their free time during the weekend.

Whether you’re a student looking to earn extra cash during the break or a professional seeking to supplement your income, there are plenty of summer side hustle options to consider. 

By taking advantage of these side hustle ideas, you can turn your passions into profits and make this summer one to remember. 


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