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5 Elite Steps to Master Web Development Like a PRO

By Stanley Udegbunam || Updated  Sept 18th, 2022

How to Master Web Development

There are various steps you need to take judiciously to master web development.

People are different, and you can tweak these steps into a different version that fits your personality.

Still, the step you will encounter here has worked for many people who started with zero knowledge about web development but now working in top tech companies.

In this article, I’ll be sharing 5 elite steps to master web development like a PRO.

And without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Start by making a decision

This decision-making step cuts across different layers.

First, you must decide what developer you would like to be (front-end or back-end developer).

Then, secondly, you decide on the income method you want to start with(freelancing, getting a job or building your own SAAS and starting a startup).

2. What are you going to learn

Different web development technologies exist, each geared towards the type of web developer you are.

You could decide to be a:

  1. Front-end developer: Creates the contents you see on a website when you access it through a web browser.
  2. Back-end developer: They work on the web server of a website, creating the logic that drives the features and functionalities of the website. They also interact with the database.
  3. Full stack developer: They design a website’s front-end and work on the logic that powers the back-end (server-side).

Before you even start learning any web development technology, you must research and learn how the web works, and it has evolved into what it’s today.

Then, you can now proceed to the technologies.

Front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers have different learning technologies, but generally, they will start by learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

In addition to that, front-end developers can proceed to learn CSS frameworks and Javascript frameworks.

After learning the essential technologies in web development, back-end developers can learn backend-related technologies like picking a back-end or server-side language, like; PHP, Python, Perl, and ruby.

They also learn databases and how to use SQL language with a relational database.

There are other web development tools and technologies to learn.

But you can these later after you’ve mastered the essential tools required for your type of web developer.

After learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript, full stack developers are required to learn a specific stack in web development.

This stack can be the following;

  • MERN stack: Includes MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js 
  • MEAN: includes MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js.
  • LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python
  • MEVN stack:  includes MongoDB, Express.js, Vue.js, and Node.js.

If you are just getting started with web development, then check out our comprehensive guide on: How to Become a Web Developer.

fastest way to master web development

3. Strategizing on what to learn

Because there is already a lot to learn before you can master this skill, you need to be intelligent and strategic with your learning, so you don’t spend more time learning and less time coding and practicing what you are learning.

There should always be a balance.

Web development is a practical field where you need to practice what you are learning while learning; hence you will just be wasting your time.

Most new developers would like to go through all the web development resources, read web development tutorials and books like a novel, and watch tutorial videos like movies.

Ultimately, they will discover they can’t do anything without revisiting these resources.

The best way to approach this is first to learn the basics of whatever technology you want to learn, then map out projects or bits of projects to build with it.

Balance research with the development of that project.

Approach it like this: You can quickly build projects you can add and display on your portfolio while still mastering the web development field you are learning.

4. Join a Community and Network with Other Developers

While learning and building projects, engaging and networking with like-minded people with the same goal as you is paramount.

Join an online and offline community and be an active member, engaging, asking questions, and answering other people’s questions in that community.

The community will not only help you grow into a better programmer, but it will also point you to the right ways of doing things, including client acquisition or landing your first job.

In web development, getting stuck because of bugs is unavoidable, and you can spend days trying to.

5. Set up or optimize your social media profiles

After learning the basics, you can set up or optimize your existing social media profiles to portray your new identity as a web developer.

These profiles can be on Linkedin, Facebook, IG, and Twitter.

I prefer Linkedin more than any other social network.

These profiles should be used to:

  1. Network with other web developers and join a community online
  2. Inform and educate others
  3. Document your learning process
  4. Position yourself in front of recruiters and clients as a developer they would like to work with
  5. When the time comes, it will be beneficial in your job hunting process.

4. Budget: 

Some technology stacks will require more expensive hosting or other resources than others.

So, when choosing the one that makes the most financial sense for your product, consider the client’s financial capacity or the company you work for.

This factor also includes the development and maintenance costs of the web app.

5. Security of the tools:

Security is a big deal these days; with many platforms getting hacked daily, you wouldn’t like your web app to be easily taken over by hackers from an unknown location.

While it will be so bad for your reputation as a web developer, the client or your company will suffer the financial implications.

It’s important to factor in the security features available for the tech stack you will be using.

This factor is where the LAMP stack (where the P is python) always wins the game.

web development mastery steps

Final Thoughts

It’s possible to spend more than the required time trying to master web development when you approach it from the wrong learning pattern.

That’s why it’s advisable to use the right learning resources and follow the learning roadmap that’s worked for others who are now successful web developers.

Stop trying to take shortcuts.

Coding is a marathon, not a sprint; intentional practice and consistency will help take you to your desired position.

Till we meet again on another article,

Happy Coding.

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