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13 Best Side Hustles for Business Analysts: Earn $15k/Mo.


Business analysts play a crucial role in helping organizations improve their processes, make informed decisions, and achieve their goals. 

However, like many professionals, business analysts may seek additional income opportunities or side hustles to diversify their earnings or explore their passions. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 13 side hustles for business analysts, offering opportunities for growth, creativity, and financial success beyond their primary role.

1. Business Analysis Consulting

Business analysis consulting is a lucrative side hustle for experienced business analysts with a deep understanding of industry best practices and methodologies. 

Offering consulting services to businesses seeking to optimize their operations, implement new technologies, or solve complex business challenges allows analysts to leverage their expertise and provide valuable insights. 

Platforms like LinkedIn ProFinder and Upwork connect consultants with businesses looking for expert guidance, providing opportunities for business analysts to monetize their knowledge and experience.


2. Business Analyst Blogging

Creating a business analyst blog is an effective side hustle for business analysts to showcase their expertise, share insights, and attract potential clients or employers. 

Writing articles, case studies, or tutorials about business analysis methodologies, tools, or industry trends allows analysts to demonstrate their thought leadership and build their brand. 

WordPress provides user-friendly blogging platforms for business analysts to create and publish content that resonates with their target audience.

I recently published a complete guide on starting a blog, you can see it here:

How to Start a Profitable Blog: A Detailed Step-By-Step Guide


3. Business Analysis Freelance Writing

Business analysis freelance writing is a creative side hustle for business analysts with strong writing skills and a passion for sharing knowledge and insights. 

Writing articles, blog posts, whitepapers, or case studies on topics related to business analysis methodologies, industry trends, or best practices allows analysts to showcase their expertise and build their brand.


4. Business Process Improvement

Business process improvement is a rewarding side hustle for business analysts interested in helping organizations streamline their workflows, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Analyzing existing processes, identifying bottlenecks or inefficiencies, and recommending improvement solutions allow analysts to make a tangible impact on businesses’ operations. Platforms like Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Institute provide training and certification programs for business analysts looking to specialize in process improvement, enhancing their credibility and marketability in this niche field.


5. Data Analysis and Visualization

Data analysis and visualization is a versatile side hustle for business analysts with strong analytical skills and a knack for storytelling. 

Analyzing data sets, extracting meaningful insights, and creating visualizations such as charts, graphs, or dashboards allow analysts to communicate complex information in a clear and compelling manner. 

Tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI provide powerful data visualization capabilities, enabling analysts to create visually stunning presentations and reports for their clients or stakeholders.


6. Business Analysis Training and Coaching

Offering business analysis training and coaching services is a fulfilling side hustle for experienced business analysts looking to share their knowledge and mentor aspiring professionals in the field. 

Developing training materials, conducting workshops, or providing one-on-one coaching sessions allow analysts to empower others with essential business analysis skills and techniques. 

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) provide resources and certification programs for business analysts interested in offering training and coaching services, enhancing their credibility and authority in the industry.


7. Business Analysis Freelancing

Business analysis freelancing is a flexible side hustle for business analysts to work on project-based assignments or short-term contracts with various clients or organizations.

Freelancing platforms like Freelancer and Upwork connect business analysts with businesses seeking specific expertise or project support, offering opportunities to work on diverse projects ranging from process optimization to software implementation. 

Freelancing allows analysts to choose their projects, set their rates, and enjoy the flexibility of remote work while expanding their professional network and gaining valuable experience.

8. Business Analyst Mentoring

Mentoring aspiring business analysts or junior professionals in the field is a rewarding side hustle for experienced business analysts looking to give back and support the next generation of talent. 

Offering mentorship through programs like MentorCity or industry-specific mentorship initiatives allows analysts to share their knowledge, provide guidance, and help mentees navigate their career paths. 

Mentoring provides an opportunity for analysts to make a meaningful impact on others’ lives, contribute to the growth of the profession, and foster a culture of continuous learning and development within the industry.


9. Business Analysis Podcasting

Starting a business analysis podcast is an engaging side hustle for business analysts to share insights, interview industry experts, and discuss relevant topics in the field. 

Podcasting platforms like Anchor and Buzzsprout provide user-friendly tools for creating and distributing podcasts, allowing analysts to reach a wider audience and establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry. 

Hosting a podcast enables analysts to showcase their expertise, connect with their audience on a personal level, and contribute to the broader conversation around business analysis trends, challenges, and best practices.


10. Business Analysis Training Course Creation

Creating and selling online training courses or educational materials for business analysts is a profitable side hustle for experienced professionals with specialized knowledge or expertise in specific areas of business analysis. 

Course hosting sites like Teachable and Udemy provide a platform for analysts to develop and market their courses to a global audience, offering flexibility and scalability in terms of course content, delivery, and pricing. 

Creating training courses allows analysts to monetize their knowledge, reach a broader audience beyond their immediate network, and establish themselves as trusted educators in the industry.


11. Business Analysis Speaking Engagements

Speaking at conferences, seminars, or industry events is an effective side hustle for business analysts to share their expertise, network with peers, and gain visibility within the industry.

Speaking engagements allow analysts to present their ideas, share case studies, and participate in panel discussions on topics related to business analysis, innovation, and digital transformation. 

Platforms like Eventbrite and Meetup provide opportunities to find speaking opportunities and connect with event organizers, allowing analysts to showcase their thought leadership and establish themselves as industry experts.


12. Business Analysis Software Development

Business analysis software development is a specialized side hustle for business analysts with programming skills or an interest in software development. 

Creating custom software solutions tailored to the needs of businesses, such as data analysis tools, process automation software, or project management platforms, allows analysts to apply their business acumen and technical expertise in a unique way.

Platforms like GitHub and GitLab provide collaboration tools and version control systems for software development projects, enabling business analysts to collaborate with developers and contribute to the creation of innovative software solutions.


13. Business Analysis Productivity Coaching

Offering productivity coaching services tailored specifically for business analysts is a valuable side hustle that combines analytical skills with personal development expertise. 

As a productivity coach, business analysts can help individuals or teams improve their efficiency, time management, and workflow optimization strategies, ultimately enhancing their performance in the business analysis field.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, or online courses, analysts can share productivity techniques, organizational strategies, and tools that are specifically tailored to the unique challenges and demands faced by business analysts. 

By empowering clients to maximize their productivity and effectiveness in their roles, business analysts can make a tangible impact on their clients’ professional lives while generating additional income through coaching services.


Final Thoughts on Best Side Hustles for Business Analysts

The world of side hustles offers a myriad of opportunities for business analysts to leverage their skills, expand their income streams, and explore new professional avenues beyond their primary role. 

From consulting, blogging and process improvement to data analysis and coaching, each side hustle presents unique challenges and rewards that cater to different interests and expertise levels.

By embracing these side hustles, business analysts can not only diversify their income but also enhance their professional skills, build their brand, and establish themselves as industry leaders in the dynamic business landscape.


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