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8 Best Side Hustles for Rural Residents

best side hustles for rural residents

Ever thought about turning the tranquility of your countryside into a source of extra income?

Living away from the bustling city doesn’t mean you can’t dive into the world of side hustles. 

Rural areas offer unique opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures that align with the serene surroundings. 

In this article, we’ll explore the 13 best side hustles tailored for those embracing the simplicity of rural living. 

Let’s get started!

1. Small-Scale Farming and Gardening

You can take advantage of the abundance of open space in rural areas by starting a small-scale farm or garden. Platforms like Etsy or local farmers’ markets offer spaces to sell your fresh produce or homemade preserves. 

You can start by cultivating a variety of crops or growing organic vegetables and selling your produce on Etsy. This way, you’ll be connecting with your community and beyond. 

Small-scale farming not only provides a sustainable source of income but also contributes to local food production, fostering a sense of community and supporting a healthy lifestyle.


2. Freelance Writing and Content Creation

You can also try out freelance writing and content creation. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr connect writers with businesses and individuals seeking content. 

You’ll get to pen down articles, blog posts, or create engaging social media content from the comfort of your rural retreat.

Freelance writing not only allows you to showcase your creativity but also provides a flexible and location-independent source of income. 

I recently published a complete guide on starting a blog, you can see it here:

How to Start a Profitable Blog: A Detailed Step-By-Step Guide

3. Beekeeping for Honey Production

If you love bees, you could try out apiculture by starting a beekeeping venture for honey production.

Platforms like Bee Built provide resources and equipment to kickstart your beekeeping journey. 

You get to tend to your bee colonies, harvest honey, and sell your golden nectar locally or online. 

Beekeeping not only adds a sweet touch to your rural landscape but also plays a vital role in pollination, contributing to the health of your local ecosystem.

4. Livestock Farming

Ever consider livestock farming as a side hustle?

Whether it’s raising chickens, goats, or sheep, platforms like FarmersOnly can connect you with fellow farmers and potential buyers for your livestock. 

Livestock farming not only provides a diversified income stream but also allows you to contribute to the local supply of fresh and ethically sourced animal products.


5. Handmade Crafts on Etsy

Aa a rural resident, you can tap into your creative side by crafting handmade items and selling them on platforms like Etsy

Whether it’s hand-knit scarves, wooden furniture, or unique pottery, your rural setting provides ample inspiration for artisanal creations. 

Crafting handmade items allow you to turn your hobbies into a profitable venture, reaching a global audience with your one-of-a-kind handmade goods. 

Selling handmade crafts not only adds a personal touch to the online marketplace but also allows you to showcase the beauty and craftsmanship of rural living.

6. Woodworking and Carpentry

If you have a knack for woodworking or carpentry, consider turning it into a side hustle.

Platforms like Woodcraft offer tools and resources for woodworking enthusiasts. 

Selling your woodworking creations locally or online can become a rewarding venture that showcases the timeless appeal of handmade wooden goods.

7. Local Tour Guide Services

You can also share your knowledge and love for your rural area by becoming a local tour guide.

Platforms like ToursByLocals connect travelers with local guides for unique and personalized experiences. 


8. Outdoor Adventure Guide

If you’re passionate about hiking, fishing, or other rural outdoor activities, you can capitalize on the natural beauty of your rural surroundings by becoming an outdoor adventure guide.

Platforms like Outdoor Adventure connect you with individuals seeking guided experiences. 

Becoming an outdoor adventure guide not only allows you to share your love for nature but also creates opportunities for connecting with outdoor enthusiasts from near and far. 

This side hustle lets you turn your passion for the outdoors into a fulfilling and adventurous entrepreneurial venture.

Final Thoughts on Best Rural Side Hustles

Living in a rural area offers a unique canvas for entrepreneurial endeavors that resonate with the simplicity and beauty of the countryside. 

Feel free to peruse through the list and choose any side hustle that aligns with you the best.


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