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13 Best Side Hustles for Tattoo Artists

Best Side hustles tattoo artists

Ever thought about expanding your artistic horizons beyond the studio? We’re diving into the vibrant world of side hustles tailored just for tattoo artists. 

From turning your art into merchandise to educating the next generation of ink enthusiasts, these side hustles add a fresh layer of creativity to your portfolio. 

So, buckle up, because, in this article, we’ll explore the 13 best side hustles that let you showcase your skills and passion beyond the confines of the tattoo studio.

1. Tattoo Art Prints and Merchandise

You can transform your tattoo art into tangible treasures by creating prints and merchandise.

Platforms like Printful allow you to turn your designs into posters, clothing, or accessories. Imagine offering your clients and fans the chance to carry a piece of your art wherever they go. 

Selling tattoo art prints and merchandise not only extends your artistic reach beyond the studio but also provides a source of passive income. 

It’s a fantastic way to share your unique style and brand with a wider audience while offering art enthusiasts a chance to adorn their spaces with your distinctive creations.


2. Tattoo Art Online Magazine or Blog

You can also share your passion for tattoo art through the written word by creating an online magazine or blog.

Platforms like WordPress provide user-friendly interfaces for content creation. 

You can curate articles that delve into the symbolism of specific tattoo designs, explore the history of tattoo art, or share your personal journey as a tattoo artist. 

Starting an online magazine or blog not only positions you as an authority in the tattoo art domain but also provides a platform for storytelling and in-depth exploration. 

Bloggers’ earnings vary widely, it can be anywhere from $1,000 per month and can get as high as over $80k/month. 

Income depends on factors such as niche, traffic, monetization methods (ads, affiliate marketing, product sales), and the quality of your content.

WordPress is a user-friendly blogging platform that streamlines the blogging process making it easy for anyone to get get started with blogging.

I recently published a complete guide on starting a blog, you can see it here:

How to Start a Profitable Blog: A Detailed Step-By-Step Guide


3. Custom Tattoo Design Services

You can also extend your creative expertise by offering custom tattoo design services.

Platforms like Fiverr connect artists with individuals seeking personalized tattoo designs. Imagine collaborating with clients worldwide, creating unique designs tailored to their preferences. 

Offering custom tattoo design services not only expands your clientele but also allows you to delve into diverse styles and concepts. 

It’s a side hustle that lets you showcase your artistic versatility while providing a meaningful and personalized experience for those looking to express themselves through ink.


4. Tattoo Art Workshops and Classes

Sharing your knowledge and skills by hosting tattoo art workshops and classes is another side hustle you can get behind.

Platforms like Skillshare provide a space to connect with aspiring artists and enthusiasts. Imagine guiding others through the intricacies of tattoo art, from design principles to technical execution. 

Hosting workshops not only allows you to contribute to the growth of the tattoo art community but also opens doors for collaboration with art institutions or events. 

It’s a side hustle that lets you become a mentor, inspiring the next generation of tattoo artists while adding an educational flair to your artistic journey.


5. Tattoo Art Online Courses

You can also make money by creating and selling online courses focused on tattoo art.

Platforms like Udemy provide a space for instructors to share their expertise. Imagine crafting a comprehensive course covering tattoo design, techniques, and the business aspects of the industry. 

Offering online courses not only allows you to reach a global audience but also positions you as an authority in the tattoo art domain. 

It’s a side hustle that combines your passion for ink with the flexibility of online education, offering enthusiasts a chance to learn from a seasoned tattoo artist.


6. Collaborations with Clothing Brands

Did you know you can elevate your brand and art by collaborating with clothing brands? Well, you can! 

Platforms like H&M or local independent brands seek unique designs for their apparel lines.

Picture your tattoo art adorning T-shirts, hoodies, or accessories, reaching a broader audience through fashion. 

Collaborating with clothing brands not only expands your artistic visibility but also provides additional income streams through royalties or one-time payments. 

It’s a side hustle that lets you see your art worn as a statement, merging the worlds of tattoo culture and fashion seamlessly.


7. Live Tattoo Art Demonstrations on Social Media

You can also harness the power of social media by conducting live tattoo art demonstrations.

Platforms like Twitch allow you to connect with your audience in real-time. 


Hosting live demonstrations not only builds a stronger connection with your audience but also opens opportunities for monetization through virtual tips or sponsorships. 


8. Tattoo Art Exhibitions and Galleries

You can also consider elevating your tattoo artistry by organizing and participating in exhibitions and galleries.

Platforms like Art Basel or local galleries provide spaces to showcase your tattoo creations.

Participating in exhibitions not only exposes your work to art enthusiasts but also establishes your presence in the broader art community.

It’s a side hustle that allows you to transcend the confines of the studio, turning your tattoo art into immersive experiences for appreciators of diverse art forms.


9. Collaborative Tattoo Art Projects

Collaborative tattoo art projects not only bring a fresh and dynamic perspective to your work but also extend your reach into different creative realms.

It’s a side hustle that enables you to break boundaries, fostering artistic synergy and creating something truly extraordinary that resonates with a diverse audience.

Platforms like Behance or local art communities connect creators seeking collaborative ventures.


10. Tattoo Art Retreats and Workshops

You can share your expertise in a more immersive setting by organizing tattoo art retreats and workshops.

Platforms like Eventbrite or local event spaces can help you promote and organize these experiences. 

Imagine hosting retreats in picturesque locations, providing aspiring tattoo artists with hands-on guidance and mentorship. 

Organizing workshops not only allows you to impart your knowledge and techniques but also creates a community of artists eager to learn from your experience. 

It’s a side hustle that adds a personal touch to education, creating memorable experiences for participants and solidifying your role as a mentor in the tattoo art realm.


11. Tattoo Art Branding and Merchandising

Consider taking your tattoo art to the next level by creating a distinct brand around your unique style.

Platforms like Big Cartel or Shopify can assist in setting up your brand’s online store.  

Establishing your tattoo art as a brand not only expands your revenue streams but also enhances your recognition in the broader creative landscape.


12. Tattoo Art Podcast or YouTube Channel

You can also try out audio or visual content creation by starting a tattoo art podcast or YouTube channel.

Platforms like Anchor for podcasts or YouTube for video content offer spaces to share your insights and stories. 

You can start out by discussing the inspirations behind your tattoo art, interviewing fellow artists, or providing behind-the-scenes glimpses into your creative process. 

Launching a podcast or YouTube channel not only adds a personal touch to your brand but also allows you to connect with a diverse audience.


13. Tattoo Art Charity Events and Initiatives

Here’s a way to give back to the community and showcase the positive impact of tattoo art — organizing charity events and initiatives.

Platforms like GoFundMe or Facebook Fundraiser can assist in fundraising efforts.

Engaging in charity events not only contributes to meaningful causes but also positions the tattoo art community as a force for good. 


Final Thoughts on Side Hustles for Tattoo Artists

So if you’re looking for the best side hustles for tattoo artists, the possibilities are endless.

From creating a brand around your unique style to engaging with a global audience through podcasts and blogs, each side hustle adds layers to your artistic journey. 

Whether you’re crafting merchandise, hosting events, or sharing your insights online, each endeavor not only expands your reach but also strengthens the interconnected web of ink enthusiasts around the world. 

So, seize these entrepreneurial avenues and get tattooing!


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